Facts About Jane Brunner

A hard smackdown from Councilwoman Kernighan at the end of this piece. Follow the link, read the whole thing. It is detailed, sourced, and accurate, like everything you’ll read on this site.

“It’s amazing to me that Jane has the gall to make this accusation, when Jane has been hitting up developers for contributions for years, even though she runs the council’s economic development committee,” Councilwoman Pat Kernighan told the 
Express. “I guess Jane is admitting that she gave favors to all the developers she took money from, and is assuming that anyone else would do the same.”

Brunner was Suspended from Practicing Law, Exaggerates her Experience

Brunner’s campaign materials and candidate statement claim she has “Practiced Law for over 25 years”

A search of the California State Bar’s attorney database (available here: 

http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Member/Detail/135422) shows that Ms. Brunner was admitted to the State Bar of California on 8/10/1988, which as of today’s writing is actually just over 24 years ago, less than she claimed in her Statement of Qualifications. 

More importantly, the State Bar of California’s website also shows that Ms. Brunner was “Not Eligible To Practice Law” between 7/31/1995 and 1/23/1997, which is 8 days short of 1 ½ years. 

Given this information, Ms. Brunner cannot accurately claim that she has practiced law in California for 25 years. In truth, it is closer to 22 ½ years, a critical difference given the fact that Ms. Brunner was suspended from practicing law in California for almost 1 ½ years

On Jane Brunner’s Plagiarism and quid-pro-quo Cronyism

This is a chronology of what appears to be a favors-for-favors relationship between Oakland City Councilwoman Jane Brunner and former Oakland City administrator Robert Bobb. 

Why did Robert Bobb deem it necessary for Brunner to be called in for work in DC and Detroit?

As you will see in the YouTube videos linked below, several DC lawyers and councilmembers asked that question and did not get an answer. They also accuse Councilwoman Brunner of plagiarizing another lawyer’s work “word for word” and presenting it as her own.

1.  7/29/2003. As an Oakland Councilmember, Brunner votes to approve $275,000 severance package to Bobb. (Mayor Jerry Brown was vehemently opposed to any settlement with Bobb.)

2.  2004- 2005. As City Administrator of the District of Columbia, Bobb causes a single source no bid contract in the total amount of $90,000 to be awarded to Brunner in violation of the District of Columbia’s procurement laws and regulations.  

Note: After charges of plagiarism and lack of independence against Brunner were made public, Bobb informed the members of the Government Operations Committee of the District Council in his testimony provided under oath that “we totally discount that document [Brunner’s June 20, 2005 Memo to the Mayor that purported to be an independent analysis of an agreement between the District and the building trade unions]”  “we [the District] are not paying for that document [Brunner’s June 20, 2005 Memo to the Mayor]…” and assured members of the Committee on Government Operations of the District Council that “..she’s [Jane Brunner] no longer going to be doing work for us.”  

Video of Bobb’s testimony and more is available at http://www.youtube.com/user/FactsAboutBrunner 

3. 7/16/2008. As an Oakland Councilmember, Brunner publicly supports
and votes for council resolution awarding Bobb a $150,000 no bid
contract from the City of Oakland. 

4. 10/14/2010. Bobb as Emergency Financial Manager of the Detroit
Public Schools approves payment to Siegel & Yee (Brunner’s law firm).

The short version:
-Brunner votes to give Bobb a golden parachute.
-Then Bobb hires her from all the way across the country for a no-bid contract to do work in DC, and she delivers plagiarized work, outraging DC Councilmembers.
-Then Brunner supports a $150,000 no-bid contract for Bobb in Oakland.
-Then Bobb hires Brunner’s law firm from all the way across the country to do work in detroit.

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